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كيف تختار نائبك … بجد..

How to select your candidates for dummies

“No Going Back”…. Right !!

I bumped by accident into this graphic presentation of the debate on the future of the Jasmine revolution… I just don’t share the feeling of the majorityI meet that things now is heading for the worse .. I think there is no worse than losing hope and that was before 25 January… Now we have hope..every good,greedy and ugly politician has ambitions and that’s by itself an achievement.. let everyone debate and fight and bring the worst and the best …let us see who we are for real, lets feel the depth of the black hole we were in, and only then we can rise and face the sun…

“There is no going back”….

بالورقة والقلم – كورال العيلة 3

Amazing improvisation of choreography of this brilliant song … the girls were just flying somewhere not bothered with the circus like atmosphere around them …..

في حاجة حلوة – كورال العيلة 2

ليلة العيد – انسان – كورال العيلة