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Egypt’s days of shame

The colour of blood

Is all red …

Spilled screaming

on our dawn


The flesh of burnt pride

Is all the same

Like the smell of hate

We both exhale


The chasm of void

Between us deeper

Than my stupidity

and your cruelty


your fingers hold mine

On the same knife

that stabbed us

into the same fate


Just as we were tortured

In the same jail that wore our graffiti

not so long, remember

if you dare


If we survived today

we will lie flat black eyed

Stretched on the cold asphalt

Facing the same blue sky


And if we die

We will hug each other

Stacked in the same grave

Peacefully gone ,


If love fails to unite us

today, Like every other day

In the history of shame

We are wastefully done

Just the same ..



The Hunger Games : Egyptian style


Oppressed… (bells)


And twelve segregated districts..Slums (bells)

Rich elite society…

Yet the  rest are kept to bare survival..(bells)

Sometime in the past someone repels … (crazy bells)

Now for decades the people has to pay…

They pay  for the lesson

Dont dare to chalange the system..

The lesson  was made as an “entertainment”  (bells please…. Thanks)

Reality show with a twist ….

A boy and a girl are taken each year.. From each district.. (bells)

24 human sacrifies… Fight to death  (bells)

Only one survives.. (bells)

Or thinks he survived..

Eventually returns to his poor district…

To live an elite life in the slums..

And that is how they are divided

And kept divided

Remains subdued

And entertained…

If you heard the bells …

Read the book , hear the audiobook … Or at least see the movie ..

رحل…نعم …سقط …ليس بعد …

…اذكرهذا اليوم الجميل بحنين وولع

واحن لايام كانت ساطعة كلها جمع ..

واقرا اليافطات فاجده  قد انخلع …

فاعجب ياتري من هواذا ذلك المتبَع …

The Mass-man revolt (1)

It is the painful moment which cuts through my day and I can not just turn away any more or hold the scream any longer. Today the masses are eating the masses….

Weeks ago I was taken aback  by the result of our vote on the Amendment of the constitution in Egypt. The result was shocking ..seconds later understandable…. clear and obvious like midday sun…

I left my seat at the front raw of facebook and On TV to the back seat , trying to grasp the line and guess what is next (while I eat my popcorn)…

the discussions around me turned into an irritating cloud of buzz… the events and scenes were just as ugly as the stings off bees…. The word which kept sitting on my bold head was ‘The masses’  …

‘The masses’ …The beautiful dignified word lost its Holiness in 100 days….

The question is – and was – who leads the masses…. read this…