That`s me

You can also view this page as a flash animation (which you can control ) at Presi site  (see in full screen by clicking on more on the lower right corner of the flah window)..

Let me know what you think ….

  1. Brilliant composition. I like the great attention to details, I like the story too..
    Pleasure meeting you Tarekofcairo ..

  2. Unique biography.. Interesting story and nice presentation.. Well done proud surgeon..

  3. It really touched me. God bless your heart. wish you all the best 🙂

  4. Hey I just wanted to thank you for all the comments you put on my blog. I am really glad you like my photos and appreciate every word you left there 😉


  5. Amany sholkamy

    this is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant find z words
    really touching, trendy, >>>>etc.

  6. Very kind of you .. Thank you for visiting .. Looking forward to your blog ..

  7. this has got to be the most creative bio I’ve read thus far! Captivates the reader. I enjoyed the the background music as well. Beautiful family, beautiful soul. I look forward to reading your blog more often!

  8. Hello, just to inform that I have mentioned you in my list of 15 wonderful bloggers, keep on posting, thank you!

  9. I adored this!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart here ~ will be a follower of your wonderful work 🙂
    ~ Love and Light Always, Robyn Lee

  10. Hello Sir, I enjoy your wonderful work and have nominated you for the Reader’s Appreciation Award. If you like to accept the same, do check out my blog for further details.

  11. Fabulous presentation, you have such a wonderful family. حفظكم الله، تحياتي

  12. I was blown away!I felt like I know u more.Very artistic!!!Truly enjoyed this…….

  13. That was a nice story 🙂 We have the same enemy … time 🙂

  14. wow. This is really great. I am so glad you found my blog, so that I could find yours:)

  15. Wow is right! Great storytelling. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, liking my posts & leaving a wonderful comment. I look forward to exploring more. Quite a brilliant life you lead my new friend. Cheers!

    • Thank you my dear … I really feel i am having a wonderful life , but it keep expanding and dreams are endless and time is finite … Anyway reading your wonderful post will eat more time .. But hey .. Life is time well spent …

  16. A Wonderful Introduction…so nice to meet you Tarek!

  17. I loved the concept.. very nice.. however it is a little bit long…. i think 90 sec. is enough the way you have a very very nice shots for my beloved cairo.. good luck for you..
    Ziad Abu Ghali

    • Thank you Ziad , I agree its went from a thats me to more of a minibiography .. But its way to much work to redo it again .. I was actually waiting to have some spare time to modify it and certainly cut it short to humanly possible time span … Thank you for liking my photos and looking forward to see your work and hearing your critical advise .. C u fellow Cairo Lover … 😊

  18. I have nominated you for the Very inspiring Blogger Award: xx

Your comments shed light in my way ...

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