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Hypnosis.. again and again

Divine Mashrabia in Al-Sehemy House (1648)


Soliman Agha Al Selehdar Mosque – Cairo- (1825)

Zoom in to appreciate the delicacy ..

Perspective ..

The Cellar of Soliman Agha Al Selehdar Mosque – Cairo- (1825)


Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan – Photos (4)

One side of the domed Maidah (abulation fountain ).. tiny detailed decoration in every piece of this ancient wood ..don’t miss the wall behind


Its a Medrassa .. here are the desks and textbooks …

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan – Photos (1)

It would be cliche to tell Sultan Hassan’s story by my photos. These are in fact my story with the place. Each photo tells me a little secret that I intend to keep to myself and you just have to live with a tiny fraction in the caption..

The place has its wonders in every spot.  Look up, down, sideways, peek in dark corners and just look anywhere and see if you can catch a story in your photos other than the wonders of the handicraft. It doesn’t take a genius to get good photos here, but it takes love for the photos to wake up the heart and the senses …

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

This is the Sahn, The Central courtyard between the four Iwans. If you sit in one of the Iwans, you will enjoy the shade and you won’t stop looking up to the sky with these Qandeels (light Lanterns) dangling from what seems to be the sky ..

The Iwan

The eye of the sky …

Nubian Motifs

I wish I could have done some justice to the beauty of Nubia. Despite of my absorption with it, I have not in reality seen it…or at least the true one…what I visited last year was just a Nubian village in can call it Nubian Tourist settlement… meant for people like me with white shirts and shorts to see ,take pictures and buy cheap Galabiah (which I I was supposed to do)… I have managed to feel through the fake…I didn`t miss the true Nubian soul, the architecture and the interiors… I am now fantasizing about the real thing ..the true Nubia…further past the catracts in Northen Sudan…who will take me inside a house of a Nubian who have never seen a toursit in his life…what would that feel like… I am dreaming of walls built by hand, mixing golden soil with sweat…then someone grabs a brush and paints his ancestors souls right there…. Pride and history on walls for us to see…. I now understand how the displaced Nubians feel… How can we repay them … if ever possible….

My last Pictures of Nubian Motifs concludes my journey through the Beautiful Nubia….

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You can read further about Nubia in this excellent article…

البيت النوبي

زي القلب النوبي ….

للبيوت حرمة والباب مفتوح….

والشباك طاقة سما زرقا..

للنسمة تيجي وتروح…

والحيطان بيضا متلونة بالضي…

عليها كف وطبق وتمساح….

ودكة بكليم متغطية بالفي…

نايم عليها ابو العيال مرتاح…