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Egypt’s days of shame

The colour of blood

Is all red …

Spilled screaming

on our dawn


The flesh of burnt pride

Is all the same

Like the smell of hate

We both exhale


The chasm of void

Between us deeper

Than my stupidity

and your cruelty


your fingers hold mine

On the same knife

that stabbed us

into the same fate


Just as we were tortured

In the same jail that wore our graffiti

not so long, remember

if you dare


If we survived today

we will lie flat black eyed

Stretched on the cold asphalt

Facing the same blue sky


And if we die

We will hug each other

Stacked in the same grave

Peacefully gone ,


If love fails to unite us

today, Like every other day

In the history of shame

We are wastefully done

Just the same ..



Mourning coffee ..


All the worlds sorrow

Today is kept

For one family

To bear…not to share


In the shaded bitterness

Of my suger-free

mourning Coffee

I numbly sip, sniff and stir


listening to the words

Of justification echoing

“From god we came

To god we shall return”


I walk hastily

to hide from

their sweeping pain…

into my silly tingly ache …



” I woke this morning on the devastating news of the tragic death of a young girl whom I knew as a smiling rose. God , bestow your mercy and comfort on her family ” ..

The jungle .. الغابة

The beautiful photo is courtsey of my friend Robyn L.

سامقة اشجارها

تحيطني سيقانها

فكأني سجين غابة وارفة

أحس بحرِّها رغم زحامها

فأعجب كيف وأين ظلالها

فأمد بصري لعليائها

الي أذرع ملساء متنافره

من لهيب الشمس

تسن سنانها

الي عدو قد يكون انا ها هنا

فأعدوا في خلوها وخلائها

فلا انس في سكنها

ولا ظل يبدوا الا في بطنها

A wood like all


Between the long legs

and the fallen stems

crack under my feet

The heat I feel

Makes me wonder

Shouldn’t there be

Plenty of shade

Eyes climb the trees

To the pointy bare beaming arms

Praying to the searing sun heat

Sharpening there teeth

Could that be , for me ..

Shocked I flee

As it came to me

The only shade here

Is down the soil

Deep under the trees


The Death cycle or the untagged corpse …


Crawling down the habitual

stairs -he knew-

to the occupancy of

the coffin he had before


Wrapping the white cloth

reminiscence of of

a day , in heaven

he was unwrapped ashore


Next to the ancient scars

yet again, fresh

 wound in the old corpse

Full of blood and gore ..


Laid on his right side ..

Facing the Qibla ,

Curled like a question mark

In the ground ground floor ..


Looking up to a light

Shimmering above …

Wondering …

God ..  Not again



Death in the vicinity .. Professional death

Professional death 

Death was his Profession
He dipped them in the abyss
But made sure to pull them up to life
So gentle quiet and low key..anesthetist
Poison in one hand and antidote in the other…..

Nice and sweet..routine

In the custody of loneliness..
A spear was thrown may be thirty something years ago .. I don’t really know

Flashing lights, crushing heaves
Pounding and ringing.. pleas are in vain..
Agonising , crushing .. Life is fading ..
This is for real.. He knows what to do
Hundreds of times he did it for everyone drill or true ..but never to himself ..
Reaching for a phone , for a vein ..
For air ..
Could he CPR himself
Or did he roll in despair ..
Falling in the abyss.. so familiar
deep … and real…
Darkness prevail ..
I am gone..
the end is written and mission is done
The TV set is on ..

patients – still – been dipped and pulled
But for him , poor me , there was no one to attend ..

God bless your soul my friend
I wish I knew you a bit more ..


Death with dignity

Shut your door
Death in the vicinity

Lock it, bolt it ,and add
the steeliest chains and beams
No way to dodge it

So may be ..
Just may be ..
there is mercy
In death unseen, unattended
in the suddenness of
Death with dignity



Death in the vicinity .. A Housemaid


A housemaid
Five thousands mile from home
With a bubbly dream
She washes my dishes
With soft cloth
She dusts my life
With the taste of home she cooks for me

Homesick or whoever is sick at home
She bears the agony of love at bay
And yet .. She smile ..whenever she can
And dream of him at home in May ..

The news comes
Wrapped in a black day
“Your love is gone”
Stabbed to your death
One dream undone
A corpse of flesh earthed
and one above to be

My shirt is crisply ironed
My dishes are still done…
But the song in her heart
Is no more here..


Death in the vicinity .. Bare tree

Last week I was shaken by three deaths in two days . The deaths happened at different times one was months, the other was weeks and the last was days away, but the news came to me all together and the events surrounding all of these events were exceptionally tragic …

God bless them all …

Bare tree

The tree was short and bare
But for him,three little fruits,and her

Like anyone of you
July’s sun and crazy
Summer fun was due ..

The beach was wearing
A turquoise blue dress with golden seem
Tickling their feet
They built castles he swept them
and their dreams

The sea took their father away
July decided to keep him
Ramadan came then the fall will
And the short tree is still bare
But for three little fruits , and her ..