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Cloning in Photoshop

I play with photoshop whenever I feel bored .. and that was fun …

Miss you girls ..

Super Farah .. Superman .. Again and again

My lovely daughter … Its not easy to be you

‘Für Elise’ and ‘Für Farah’

I have watched this video something like 50 times in the process of preparing this video for my daughter’s solo piano performance . The music is ‘Beethovenly’ , the fingers on the keys are little swan lake dancers , but there is one thing that I hold my breath for every time I see this video……

The shy smile in the last few seconds is breathtaking …

music straight to the heart ..

 Enjoy ….  ‘Für Elise’ …… ‘Für Farah’…

Photoshop blending exercise : Farah in a Pear

I was not in a particular good mood today, so I decided to exercise with photoshop CS4 a little bit … it could have been better with a brighter mood ..

The completed picture ….

Here is the before pictures

The many beautiful faces of Farah …

Happy 14th (Not 13) birthday Farah..