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The brightest star …

I am sore from stretching

to be as tall

Tired of listening to your music

and dreaming ….

I should too


Tired of painting ..

the unfinished painting …

Just to catch up with you

I want even to run after you

Surely you will outpace me ..

Poor me..


Put never tiresome I shall be

of looking up

Seeing you … in the stars

The brightest star of all


And never tiresome I shall be

from being

proud of you ..



Cloning in Photoshop

I play with photoshop whenever I feel bored .. and that was fun …

Angry..happy and optimistic .. My profile ..

Reflections on the Egyptian scene…

Angry mostly…

Frustrated …

and deeply disappointed..


In the black background..

I hear Farah

I her Carmen

I hear Jonathan and Charlotte

I see a white future..

Thank you for the music…

Still.. Angry I remain…

Super Farah .. Superman .. Again and again

My lovely daughter … Its not easy to be you

My “Perfect” daughter …

She keeps amazing me… secretly made her plot .. got a “Perfect song” … played the music on her piano ..recorded it on garageband .. Placed her Camera .. Sang the song ,,, Perfectly …. shot the video .. added the piano music ,,, and just posted it …. The “perfect” plot was done when we where all outside the house…

Thank you Farah for making me Proud


بالورقة والقلم – كورال العيلة 3

Amazing improvisation of choreography of this brilliant song … the girls were just flying somewhere not bothered with the circus like atmosphere around them …..

في حاجة حلوة – كورال العيلة 2

ليلة العيد – انسان – كورال العيلة

‘Für Elise’ and ‘Für Farah’

I have watched this video something like 50 times in the process of preparing this video for my daughter’s solo piano performance . The music is ‘Beethovenly’ , the fingers on the keys are little swan lake dancers , but there is one thing that I hold my breath for every time I see this video……

The shy smile in the last few seconds is breathtaking …

music straight to the heart ..

 Enjoy ….  ‘Für Elise’ …… ‘Für Farah’…

Photoshop blending exercise : Farah in a Pear

I was not in a particular good mood today, so I decided to exercise with photoshop CS4 a little bit … it could have been better with a brighter mood ..

The completed picture ….

Here is the before pictures