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يوم حر وحلو


Self portrait : Lolo’s one minute sketch (10)


Happy 14th (Not 13) birthday Farah..


حواء وآدم …. وانا سطيحة. Lolo’s one minute sketches (9)

Flat on my sore back , I read the story of Adam and Eve to Lolo… Surprisingly she never heard it before … Fascinated with how were both created , she run from my side… took her marker, A4, and one minute and draw “Adam and Eve” … all dressed up …


Behind the scenes : Lolo`s One Minute sketches (1)

Exactly 58 seconds….

Lolo`s One Minute sketches (3-8)

What would a 5 years old do with one marker, one A4 , and one minute ….. Magic….

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