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Miss you girls ..

My “Perfect” daughter …

She keeps amazing me… secretly made her plot .. got a “Perfect song” … played the music on her piano ..recorded it on garageband .. Placed her Camera .. Sang the song ,,, Perfectly …. shot the video .. added the piano music ,,, and just posted it …. The “perfect” plot was done when we where all outside the house…

Thank you Farah for making me Proud


بالورقة والقلم – كورال العيلة 3

Amazing improvisation of choreography of this brilliant song … the girls were just flying somewhere not bothered with the circus like atmosphere around them …..

في حاجة حلوة – كورال العيلة 2

ليلة العيد – انسان – كورال العيلة

My dream coming true : The mariage D`Amour by Farah

Long ago I had a dream. I always dreamt of a daughter who plays the piano for me… and the dream became a reality .. I am sharing with you my dream ..

The mariage D`Amour “Wedding of Love” was composed by French Composer “Paul de Senneville”, and played originally by the famous French pianist Richard Clayderman.

I think my cinematography and poor editing failed the tender piece of music and the superb performance by Farah.. I will probably work on it again until I master music post-production editing..


New `about me` page : Behind the mask and Lens ..

I have just updated my about me page for easier Navigation … get clicking ..

Behind the mask and lens

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How to bring a ceramic Owl to life ………. the Lolo way ..