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Taking a leap of faith ..

“Take no risk son”

Mother said

“I fear for you

from a deceitful fate”


The heat under my feet

The heaviness of the stillness

Itching on my sole

.. go..don’t wait ..


and behind these hills

and the unsettled clouds

Lies the temptation

Of a dream I create


So I depart

the recitation of certainty

and the suffocation of boredom

the overweight and

gruelling waste


With a baby’s shaky feet

and a gritty heart

Fearless and doubtless

With tiny steps or even a mighty fall


Life is certainly a prize for

A leap of faith



Standing Ovation to you …

Standing ovation

to you

and you

and you

and you …..

and for Barbara Streisand

1993 concert

and my 3D projector

and my cuddly sofa..

For the ignitor

The shoulder I stand on

For the tapping hand on my own

For making


The busiest day

In my blog .. ever..

and Barbara sings

” you don’t bring me flowers any more”


Love rained

all Over ..

In the loveliest day

of fever

and I am blessed with

my very own

Little river ..


Life plans : one minute sketch

A one minute Ipad sketching about my life plans , evoked by this quote in a fellow blogfriend blog … recoverythrumylens  and here is the original post in christainnewyork ..

Exit through the revolving door …



with wispy click

somewhere between an in and exhale

and I reckon you suppose ..

This time ..again.. that you can still

rewind and cope


I wish I had your keys of




or Reset


But I am just a jailbird of the pause

Red suit , a number , a cell

a squeaky door

a tiny window

and a sign of

Exit  …….. well lit


But who sees ?

Or believes

What the sign



So once more

Predictably like a revolving door ..

The useless limbs and the careless dreams

pile in the dismal corner

Of defeat..

Waiting for a call

– I detest –

to rest ..






The Melanchony of destiny ..

Why is destiny so mixed up and melancholic  ? !!
Why does it drop cards every time a shuffle is due ? !!
And why is the shuffle anyway ? !! …

Have you lost a card or two ? Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

Angry, I can’t tell for sure
Is it the driver, the seat or the road ?
Is it the signs that are never right?

Blaming all , but you .?  Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am going nowhere except here..
Here is never reaching there!!
And there is even more  distant and vague..

There was meant to share .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I see the map and it is easy..
Was it the map ?  …
All the time … Was it the map ? …

Why do you set me a trap? .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

The speed is certainly an issue…
The roller coaster is aimlessly going to no where
Yet the excitement is all over the place

And for that, you have to pay, dear.. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am dazed and drained…
And I hate the play of the giddy mind , the mirage
The sickness that come from standing .. Alone

And they call it motion sickness.. Do you feel the loss like me ?