Monthly Archives: August 2011

ليلة القدر …..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


 Indeed,           It is We

Who Have sent this Quran down

From on height

on the Night of Empowering Decree.


And do you realise

what is the Night of Empowering decree ?


The Night of Empowering decree

Is better than a thousand month !


Therein do the angels

and the Spirit Gabriel descend,

by the permission of their Lord,

with every divine commandment.


Peace it is

till the rise of dawn !


صدق الله العظيم

Mubarak’s trial ; Frankly DEATH

We all saw it
We all in debt
For pure blood
that was shed..
In heaven martyrs rest..
A Crowning DEATH..

Nothing felt..
No guilt , remorse or regret..
Heartless stone.
Featureless face ..
“Not guilty at all”…
Defiant tone … Yet
Frankly DEATH

Eighty something..
 lying on White …
Wearing White..
Corpse in bed..
Any ringing bells?
Frankly DEATH…

The cage is locked…
In .. with your  howling Deeb
And parking dogs..
They will carve you
If you sleep..
Do you sleep?
Frankly DEATH

All ways to hell ..
To hang or to shoot or even quit..
Justice for me is already served..
Humility , hatred and shame.. Are
Frankly DEATH..