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Ruby Sparks

I have just watched ” Ruby Sparks ” and ….

White page

Mind dead

Light goes through

thin air , and gone


No shadow

No rainbow

Or orphan ideas

Or Vine tree to dwell on


Click, click

Click click

Click click click

Click click click click


Creation of the yearning mind

Looms in the swirly caramel rings

Of my latte , sip once twice

and its gone


Sugary it tastes

a dream Gasping to survive

Foam life, aroma

Memory of the dawn


A heart on a summer cloud

Is a wonderful ride

Destined to rain

and no doubt , move on



Titanic ..

The bad wind of the day

carried my sail ..

Into the loveliest night


“Do you trust me?

…I trust you jack “


“….Where to Ms..?

…To the stars!”


“You are so stupid Rose..

….Why did you do that ? ..”



“Rose Dawson”

A name for a legacy ..


Thats where it starts

Thats where it ends ..


Inspired by a day of hurtful comments and a “Titanic” end …

Cinderella man ..

I have just watched ” Cinderella man” and ..

It has been sitting in my library for sometime waiting for me to watch. Knowing that its a boxers biography made it at the end of my list of movies to watch. I need a certain mood to watch a bloody nose and a flying tooth in slow motion. The night came , and I did … .. The twist of the tale is the struggle between despair, depression, defiance and the relation of the husband and wife ..and for me this is the movie … The wife … … and for her (and from her) I phrased these lines…

Two more teeth,

in my shaken hand

smeared with his blood and my tears

with a weary mind , I guess

how many he still wears ?

and I mutely scream

livid anger and pain

because  he wont smile for me … to see

and there is no comfort in tears

for his shattered jaw or

my fears


P.S. I love you …

I have just watched ” P.S. I love you ”  and …..

I think its cruel

When you leave and ….


When u keep your wet toothbrush

Your scent ,

the warmth in my bed …and

                                               leave …                            and leave me the after taste …



Nothing is ever really lost .. The Notebook

These are Poetic and almost poetic extracts from the novel “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks ..

In this summer mode , I just had to share these pages ….

In the middle of the novel…

The loyal husband and lover perform a love ritual with his Alzheimer imprisoned beloved wife …

Everyday, for years, he would tell her a story, The story, their story …

Everyday, for years, she would not remember it or him ..

A new story -for her- everyday, for years..

The Notebook

He then fondly reasserts her identity and her contribution to this world that she is almost totally detached from .. except for him …

The Notebook

Then … you savor this poem and think of someone or something you lost … and have faith …

The notebook

Do your heart a favor … read the story … hear the wonderfully narrated audiobook .. or at least see the movie “The Notebook”..

3D photo composition in Sony Vegas Pro 10

At last I did it .. with some errors .. but very exciting first trial … any hint are appreciated…

بالورقة والقلم – كورال العيلة 3

Amazing improvisation of choreography of this brilliant song … the girls were just flying somewhere not bothered with the circus like atmosphere around them …..

‘Für Elise’ and ‘Für Farah’

I have watched this video something like 50 times in the process of preparing this video for my daughter’s solo piano performance . The music is ‘Beethovenly’ , the fingers on the keys are little swan lake dancers , but there is one thing that I hold my breath for every time I see this video……

The shy smile in the last few seconds is breathtaking …

music straight to the heart ..

 Enjoy ….  ‘Für Elise’ …… ‘Für Farah’…

Find your voice .. listen to others ……….. كيف ترى الاخر

These are examples of superb art … I saw them by chance and they fell on a raw moment of my mind where I was mad of the chaotic scene in Egypt … EVERYONE IS TALKING AND NO ONE IS LISTENING … the link is a word buzzing in my head .. Perspective …  Read the rest of this entry