Whats that got to do with the constitution ?!

My dear friends did their best to translate my last post from arabic to english , and google failed miserably .. and I must say it is a daunting task to translate the egyptian light hearted dialect into english or even to any other arabic dialect .. I did my best to carry the mood and the sentiment into this translation …

The background to this post is the chaotic pathetic political scene in Egypt nowadays, a shabby referendum on a hastily cooked constitution and a hesitant president who seems to cancel his own decisions as fast as he make them .. Lolo for me is answer to all of this … Tomorrow is hers …

My little Lolo is strict20121224-005559.jpg
in full control
Whatever clouds in her heart
She pours
on her hands
lips and eyes


Watch her doing her homework
with fun
Whether the paper is blank or full
straight or crumbled
the homework gets done


She writes on lines in her heart
Somehow looks tilted to my careless eyes
Yet perfectly aligned
like the pyramid
in hers


Thats her opinion, a verdict passed
On me and the school
Thats my homework, done
Once and for all
and daddy , by the way
tomorrow it will be forgotten
and lost


She always sticks that sun of hers
In every drawing
Morning be it or night
called for it or not
There it is
at the upper left corner
Just above the heart
Her warming sun


Oh my wicked Lolo
Even in drawing
You grab the truth
by the neck


Mr President
Lolo is a princess
in her lines
and sultana
Precise and diminutive
Sometimes frizzly and proud
Her letters remain engraved
and in control


She doesn’t care
What you carve
She doesn’t give a damn
About your attorney general
Your declaration or


Tomorrow is hers not yours
She will scribble it by her tiny hand
Not on your perfect lines
no submission
In this heart


in her latest drawing
She wrote
….I love
Words in your world
Missing on intent ,accused and guilt


But for Lolo thats
Her dream
Love for her is for all
And tomorrow for her
All drawn
But hers ..


Let the boys rule
By the ball
By the boyish fights
And the laughs that follows

Let the girls reminds us
Of the butterflies
Of the love
Pure like the dawn


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  1. Beautiful!  I believe you’ve done a wonderful job of capturing that feeling in English. 

    Send from Samsung MobileTarekOfCairo wrote:

    • Thank you Sandy , let me know if you would have translated it differently … merry Christmas ..

      • Are you asking for me to edit it? Lol There are a few minor mistakes. “Crumpled not crumbled; That’s not thats; be it morning or night, not morning be it; accused and guilty, not guilt; for Lolo that’s with an apostrophe; garbled not grabbled; laughs that follow – no s; girls remind us – no s. That’s it!

  2. Thank you so much for this astute translation Tarek. Very very meaningful — and your message so important. Tomorrow does belong to the children … why can’t everyone see that? Peace and Love to you and yours ~ RL

  3. Salam Alaykum!

    Delicate yet firm. Beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to translate! 🙂
    Wishing you the best for the new year.


  4. Tarek, how beautiful and strong…to see the world from your little girl’s point of view…what a lucky girl to have a father such as you….hope you are well….xoxmeryl

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Tarek, this is great. I can’t believe you felt failure in the translation mechanism though, I’ve always been okay with it. Well, I’ve never needed to translate a lot – though a few WP sites are in other than English.

    This was just fine.

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