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P.S. I love you …

I have just watched ” P.S. I love you ”  and …..

I think its cruel

When you leave and ….


When u keep your wet toothbrush

Your scent ,

the warmth in my bed …and

                                               leave …                            and leave me the after taste …



2011; My first tweet …

Celebrating the new year is absurd ..
A potion of hope for the unknown
A wish for wishes to come true…
More often a disappointment deferred ..
Wishing rain drops from a cyclone.. …

I would rather lean on my tired back…
Celebrate my yesteryear..
Smoke circles of memories…..
Ecstatically   Watching my last year..
Reels after reels …
I  Live a dream I already own..

Sorry to say.. “you have to leave” ..
I honestly made u the year of my years..
A year I had a vote and I made a choice..
A personal triumph
Sometimes my worst defeat..
But you remain so dear..
The year I found in me … a  voice..
The year of YouTube,
My first blog and my first tweet…