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San Francisco : A fresh look at the Golden Gate bridge (2)


San Francisco : A fresh look at the Golden Gate bridge

A different look

I took the double decker Hop On Hop Off bus heading to the most celebrated touristic attraction in the San Francisco, the Golden Gate. I stood there trying not to take a picture everyone is taking or took… everyone was looking in one direction except for this proud metal guy …

San Francisco : Bay Bridge under the clouds ..

Scarifying color at the temple of clouds…


San Francisco – Aerial view

Taking a photo through the plane window is always a challenge. I always take a window seat, have my camera with me and wish for luck. More often the window is not clear and transparent enough.Still I stick the lens as near to the window to reduce the glare and haziness, but there is no cure for dirt on the window.Several weeks ago my wish for luck came true and I got to seize this aerial view of San Francisco. The plane took off early in the morning leaving from San Francisco after a week long business trip. This photo summaries what I came to see in Francisco..architecture, mighty bridges and the famous bay..I felt the people but sadly did not talk enough to San Franciscans (if this is the right word).
From my window seat I could see the thick blanket of clouds and I didn’t dream to see anything down under, but all of a sudden a huge hole broke in the middle of the massive white – as if I blow on a whipped cream to see the coffee underneath –  and here it was a dream photo. It took seconds to adjust my Camera settings, hit the lens against the window and took series of photos as I twisted my neck wishing the plane will stop for a moment. I could see a faint rainbow but I wasn’t sure my lens will register it..luckily it did.
The shot shows San Francisco landscape on the left, the east end of the Bay Bridge suspension bridge stretching to the treasure island on the right. The little rock in the middle is the famous Alcatraz island with its notorious prison. The top of the photo shows Auckland with the clouds hiding the Red Famous Golden Gate bridge ( I was not lucky enough)…
I really love this photo with the amount of luck, rush and anticipation it took, it really put a nice end to my visit to this beautiful cultural city.

Date 02/12/2012
Canon 600D  DSLR
1/250 sec at f/10, ISO 100
55 mm (EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS)