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Behind my mirror ..


Behind this mirror

in my room, is your hiding place

I know,

when I look to my eyes

I am really seeing you ..


I know the names of your tears

coz I shed them with you

and I know when you

are laughing and smiling

coz my lips are brimful too


Do you feel me

I am just few inches or nearer

Believe me I feel your warmth

in me when I yearn and

touch the coldness of this mirror



I know you hear me

when I talk to you .. all the time ..

and when I miss your voice

I put my ear and heed

and I can hear you .. talk and rhyme ..


And I can always write to you

When all I have to do

is fog the mirror

and draw a heart

that I can see you .. through ..


and I know .. down deep in my sole

– and my mirror knows it too-

that you love me

Coz I love you

a million times more ..



Freedom … By ” The Moon” ..

Very rarely I reblog here , for he simple reason that this is my hreat and mind … and as much as I admire , love and learn from my fellow blogger’s creative works , as much I would like to keep this place as me as possible … But , every now and then a photo , a poem or even a word becomes part of me no matter how much I resist it … And I am forced to share it with you … Because love is worth sharing even if it is not yours …

My dear Moon sneaked somehow into myself and took or seeded these lovely words ..

 I bleed LOVE , And so  the Word shall live


Cinderella man ..

I have just watched ” Cinderella man” and ..

It has been sitting in my library for sometime waiting for me to watch. Knowing that its a boxers biography made it at the end of my list of movies to watch. I need a certain mood to watch a bloody nose and a flying tooth in slow motion. The night came , and I did … .. The twist of the tale is the struggle between despair, depression, defiance and the relation of the husband and wife ..and for me this is the movie … The wife … … and for her (and from her) I phrased these lines…

Two more teeth,

in my shaken hand

smeared with his blood and my tears

with a weary mind , I guess

how many he still wears ?

and I mutely scream

livid anger and pain

because  he wont smile for me … to see

and there is no comfort in tears

for his shattered jaw or

my fears


Happy Eid to all of my friends ..

Happy Eid to all of you

my friends

The forgotten and the not so..

The nearby and intimate

and the distant across the globe

For the one who 

“texted” me

Prayed for me

Or called Me

and I heedlessly overlooked

For hopefully you may have 

missed me

Or may be I am 

Just another name 

in your address-book

Or the forgotten guy

in your Facebook

Or the song you hastily skip

in your playlist


I do, in this blessed day

Remember you , acknowledge you 

and I love you

And I send you this 


That you can  not unfortunately

encash, Eat or dress on .. 

My fortuitous friend

Happy returns

With you as always

Anonymous and sweet

Like the Powdered sugar

Sprinkled on the face of this

scrumptious Eid cookies


The Melanchony of destiny ..

Why is destiny so mixed up and melancholic  ? !!
Why does it drop cards every time a shuffle is due ? !!
And why is the shuffle anyway ? !! …

Have you lost a card or two ? Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

Angry, I can’t tell for sure
Is it the driver, the seat or the road ?
Is it the signs that are never right?

Blaming all , but you .?  Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am going nowhere except here..
Here is never reaching there!!
And there is even more  distant and vague..

There was meant to share .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I see the map and it is easy..
Was it the map ?  …
All the time … Was it the map ? …

Why do you set me a trap? .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

The speed is certainly an issue…
The roller coaster is aimlessly going to no where
Yet the excitement is all over the place

And for that, you have to pay, dear.. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am dazed and drained…
And I hate the play of the giddy mind , the mirage
The sickness that come from standing .. Alone

And they call it motion sickness.. Do you feel the loss like me ?


Rainbow bruise

Rainbow bruise

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