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عمّار .. يا مصر

لو يعرفوا روح الأذان

لو داعبتهم الاغصان

لو لهم اعصاب ودموع

وقلوب واحلام ..


لسكتوا اليوم ولاستحوا

فالصوت اليوم مخنوق

وفراش الكون محزون

وطيف الامل قد انهزم


لو يعرفوا …

هل تعرفي …

عمَّار.. يا مصر

غواص النغم..


Mourning coffee ..


All the worlds sorrow

Today is kept

For one family

To bear…not to share


In the shaded bitterness

Of my suger-free

mourning Coffee

I numbly sip, sniff and stir


listening to the words

Of justification echoing

“From god we came

To god we shall return”


I walk hastily

to hide from

their sweeping pain…

into my silly tingly ache …



” I woke this morning on the devastating news of the tragic death of a young girl whom I knew as a smiling rose. God , bestow your mercy and comfort on her family ” ..