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Happy Eid to all of my friends ..

Happy Eid to all of you

my friends

The forgotten and the not so..

The nearby and intimate

and the distant across the globe

For the one who 

“texted” me

Prayed for me

Or called Me

and I heedlessly overlooked

For hopefully you may have 

missed me

Or may be I am 

Just another name 

in your address-book

Or the forgotten guy

in your Facebook

Or the song you hastily skip

in your playlist


I do, in this blessed day

Remember you , acknowledge you 

and I love you

And I send you this 


That you can  not unfortunately

encash, Eat or dress on .. 

My fortuitous friend

Happy returns

With you as always

Anonymous and sweet

Like the Powdered sugar

Sprinkled on the face of this

scrumptious Eid cookies