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Standing Ovation to you …

Standing ovation

to you

and you

and you

and you …..

and for Barbara Streisand

1993 concert

and my 3D projector

and my cuddly sofa..

For the ignitor

The shoulder I stand on

For the tapping hand on my own

For making


The busiest day

In my blog .. ever..

and Barbara sings

” you don’t bring me flowers any more”


Love rained

all Over ..

In the loveliest day

of fever

and I am blessed with

my very own

Little river ..


Life plans : one minute sketch

A one minute Ipad sketching about my life plans , evoked by this quote in a fellow blogfriend blog … recoverythrumylens  and here is the original post in christainnewyork ..

Glass-bottomed blog ..

In a glass bottomed blog
With an armless campass
And a hatch in the sky
I drifted for 7 months of existence…
My thoughts like cotton candy…
No commitment… no persistence..

People around the clock..
 7 thousand human souls
Never mind a gal or a bloke..
 Peeking into my living room…
They don’t even need to  knock…
or care to leave a note…

Do they want to know me… 
Or they are just accidental tourists…
Is it  flowers by a floweriest…
Or the verdict by the meanest  jurists ….
Nevertheless, I welcome the visits..

Like a 7 months baby..
I am just learning to clap…
And work a smile with my face..
I am Enjoying a peekaboo ..
Sometimes a full day nap..
And I  wake up on yet another day
Waiting for me …to unwrap ..