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A clown in my bed …

Photoshop blending exercise : Farah in a Pear

I was not in a particular good mood today, so I decided to exercise with photoshop CS4 a little bit … it could have been better with a brighter mood ..

The completed picture ….

Here is the before pictures

هذا من فضل ربي

Lebanon in a statue .. The Lady Of Lebanon ..

The Harissa Hill is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from Beirut. The hill is accessible by cable car and hosts the magnificent  twenty tons bronze statue of Mary.

A welcoming gesture of the hands and face overseeing Beirut.


New `about me` page : Behind the mask and Lens ..

I have just updated my about me page for easier Navigation … get clicking ..

Behind the mask and lens

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رحل…نعم …سقط …ليس بعد …

…اذكرهذا اليوم الجميل بحنين وولع

واحن لايام كانت ساطعة كلها جمع ..

واقرا اليافطات فاجده  قد انخلع …

فاعجب ياتري من هواذا ذلك المتبَع …

الدم بيغلي في عروقنا

ميدان التحرير

الدم بيغلي في عروقنا

Two photos against Mubarak`s legacy (Link) ..

The two photos is just so descriptive  that no comment is needed …

How to bring a ceramic Owl to life ………. the Lolo way ..

Self portrait : Lolo’s one minute sketch (10)