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.. الاعدام للشهداء In the memory of Gladiators ..

Once upon a time …
In the beautiful land of Egypt..
Heinous tyrant clogged the Nile …
Committing the eternal mischief…

Lass, diminutive with flaming eyes
Poked sphinx ; wake up .. stand up
Revolt and claim your life
Gentle and indulgent … thus
Committed the eternal mischief…

Glorious and noble .. Is not life just ?!
Up to it with stone and dust ..
Is not life just ?!… Pick your knights
Oh .. Committing the eternal mischief..

The arena is set from dawn to dusk..
People harvested with hypnotizing fears
come my brother , bring your spear… bring your lust
Bring your flesh, blood and tears..

Gladiators with rattling armors and shaky knees
For fear for life and fear of life
Hailing the mysterious master
And …Committing the eternal mischief..

Gladiators are gloriously doomed …
For the crowned winner is slaved
And the pathetic loser is slayed…
The master remains …. and loots ..

In the book of history
There is an eternal decree
Dig up ..Uproot.. thy rotten weeds…

Before you plant your freedom tree…

Or else … and yes .. its an eternal mistake …