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Happy 14th (Not 13) birthday Farah..


Nubian Motifs

I wish I could have done some justice to the beauty of Nubia. Despite of my absorption with it, I have not in reality seen it…or at least the true one…what I visited last year was just a Nubian village in can call it Nubian Tourist settlement… meant for people like me with white shirts and shorts to see ,take pictures and buy cheap Galabiah (which I I was supposed to do)… I have managed to feel through the fake…I didn`t miss the true Nubian soul, the architecture and the interiors… I am now fantasizing about the real thing ..the true Nubia…further past the catracts in Northen Sudan…who will take me inside a house of a Nubian who have never seen a toursit in his life…what would that feel like… I am dreaming of walls built by hand, mixing golden soil with sweat…then someone grabs a brush and paints his ancestors souls right there…. Pride and history on walls for us to see…. I now understand how the displaced Nubians feel… How can we repay them … if ever possible….

My last Pictures of Nubian Motifs concludes my journey through the Beautiful Nubia….

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You can read further about Nubia in this excellent article…

حواء وآدم …. وانا سطيحة. Lolo’s one minute sketches (9)

Flat on my sore back , I read the story of Adam and Eve to Lolo… Surprisingly she never heard it before … Fascinated with how were both created , she run from my side… took her marker, A4, and one minute and draw “Adam and Eve” … all dressed up …


Behind the scenes : Lolo`s One Minute sketches (1)

Exactly 58 seconds….

Lolo`s One Minute sketches (3-8)

What would a 5 years old do with one marker, one A4 , and one minute ….. Magic….

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Lolo’s one minutes sketches (2)

Again… Lolo is facing her fears of big waves…20110506-011540.jpg

Lolo’s one minute sketches

What would you do with one marker , punch of A4s and a mind of 5 years old… Magic…
She said this is Lolo and me… And I agree… I couldn’t be any stronger or confident..

I love the long neck, the strong arms and the knees…. Awesome…

A living wall in Nubia