Hotel room ..

In a leather bound elegance

proudly they declare

“We will make you feel at home” …

And I say …

It ain’t the tiniest bit like home..


Not with these incredible pillows

Or these milky creamy soaps

frantically leathery and slippery

Like all dashing hopes ..

And the diminutively bottled

fragrant shampoos, creams, gels …

Blah.. blah.. blah…..

With their narrowest necks..


And oh, the towels …

Folded towels,

hanging towels,

rolled up towels ,

face towels ,

hand towels,

bottom towels and

the wrap around the globe towels ..

and we are told

In an elegant card..

With calligraphic font,

“Throw on the floor if used” ..

This way you save our planet

You are green…

Who would do this at home ..


And this nifty brilliantly white


The robe de chambre …

Of that you always have two ..

One for you

And one to scare your foes..

Or for a partner

If you have one of these ..


The disposable slippers

Also comes in pairs

Crispy as toast should be

I butter them and eat them

in my suitcase ..and

Instead, I pull my very own tired slippers

The ones which knows

How to confines to my toes

They lie there ….

-the slippers off course-

in the middle of the room

upside down .. objecting, I presume..


And I fetch my hairbrush

The one with the bristles laden

With my fallen hair and years

With the Familial touch

The one which is to me

Is sooo hooome ..


I invade the neatness of

The stretched bed sheets, breaking

The icy shell and dive

into a delusion

Finally feeling a tiny wee

Like home …

Nothing feels like home …




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  1. Wonderfully honest, Tarek…”dive into delusion”…isn’t that what so much of the commercial world preys on…and love the frolic here…your whimsical touch forever present…xomeryl

    • I am glad you enjoyed this … As for honesty … I will also tell you a secret, I had to look “frolic” and “whimsical” in the dictionary … Quite happy learning these playful words … They are already jumping in my pot wanting to have a life …. 😃

  2. Enjoyed this so much. Your ability to ‘tell the story’ in such way that evokes emotion is enchanting… really. Can envision all of these hospitality items in your hotel room… and then can ‘feel’ exactly what you ‘feel’ about them. That is like having a magic wand of words.

    Now on this home thing… Home is only inside of your heart ♥ — you know that!!:) ~ Loved this Tarek ~ R

  3. You are mind reader my friend .. Spooky … I was just thinking to use some folk stories in my poems …
    About this home thing .. Another spooky mind reading .. This time you answered a question to someone and resolved a conflict … Keep reading xxxxxx minds …..

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