The 5 miles Zone …

Someone asked me why I don`t answer my phone… well.. quite simply I don`t want …

Do you remeber the good old times of the big fat Beatle-like dial phone… It will sit in a corner somewhere minding its business.. never it ran to wake me up or follow me in the streets…

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  1. Hi how are you doing?? i wish you are good 🙂
    I have nominated you for the ” One Lovely Blog Award” i would be so happy if you accept it
    visit my Blog to know more, have a nice day 🙂

  2. Yes dear Tarek- I remember when the phone was such a happy “EVENT”… As a young girl I had a fancy “French Phone” — I loved it and waited for the special times it would ring. Technology, as wondrous and magical as it is – has made the phone much less appealing! This was just a charming synapsis of the current state of affairs 🙂 I understand – I don’t answer my phone either – and my cell always has ringer turned off. I like blog and email as they offer freedom of choice xo Hope you are finding time for joy and relaxation this weekend ~ Robyn

  3. This is another truly stunning image, btw, — georgous reflections of skyscrapers in tranquil water under evening sky!

  4. Hmmmm….I have to say that I’m quite the opposite here…I find the phone my preferred means of communication….I feel that the computer is too virtual…too removed….part of what has made us into Phantoms as you have seen on some of my post here…not only don’t we see one another face to face…we don’t hear the voice…so important…the beautiful voice…unique to each one of us…sad for me…although your piece is beautifully done, Tarek….so creative as usual 🙂

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