Standing Ovation to you …

Standing ovation

to you

and you

and you

and you …..

and for Barbara Streisand

1993 concert

and my 3D projector

and my cuddly sofa..

For the ignitor

The shoulder I stand on

For the tapping hand on my own

For making


The busiest day

In my blog .. ever..

and Barbara sings

” you don’t bring me flowers any more”


Love rained

all Over ..

In the loveliest day

of fever

and I am blessed with

my very own

Little river ..


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  1. And look at you today Tarek — “seeing the good” in a flu day!! What a wonderufl post this is.
    More smiles )))) I have such memories of Barbara singing that song from my childhood when she was all the rage! You keep enjoying your day — I have not been as chipper today trying to encourage my femur back into its rightful home in my posterior socket all day 😦 But just seeing your bright and lovely post now has lifted me up in a pretty amaizng way. Thank you —Hydrate, rest and feel better my friend ! 🎥📷🌹💝🎤

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