Life plans : one minute sketch

A one minute Ipad sketching about my life plans , evoked by this quote in a fellow blogfriend blog … recoverythrumylens  and here is the original post in christainnewyork ..

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  1. Awesome, Tarek, your many talents are unfolding before my eyes… I’m speechless…xoxmery

  2. I do agree with Meryl Tarek… you are most remarkable is so many ways — so lucky we all are to be blessed with your friendship and vibrant spirit from geographically… so very far away. Thank you for sharing your deepest self ~ and btw – this sketch could rival a Joan Miro print for sure! xo RL

  3. Miro !!!! Come on … Saw few of his paintings in a tiny co-exihibition with Picasso paintings in Winthrope- Belgium last year , and it was amazingly sooooo red … He has these little red spaces in his paintings that I loved .. Just like my nose today … Xoxoxo

  4. :)… your poor nose! sorry I smiled from the comment anyway!

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