A wonderful poem written in Arabic by Tahani Shihab .. She kindly approved my translation to it that by no mean could faithly carry the full sentimet .. But I hav tried my best ….



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  1. Thank you Dr.Tarek, I really appreciate your wonderful translation, that accurately expressed sincerity of what I felt and wrote. 🌹

  2. Struck by this lovely and strong verse by Ms. Shihab. Faith … the epitome of personal empowerment, and… the ultimate ‘divide’ — so glad you could translate Tarek – so wonderful to share in this masterful heartfelt poetry. ~ RL

    • This business of translating poems and feelings is intimidating to me .. I fear it but I love it … I would like to share the wonderful things coming across my life with everyone , saddly I can only speak Arabic and English … This particular poem was deeply moving to me, and the version you see up misses on the punctuation , spaces and dotts … These are my soft tools as much as the words and I do play with them like my little toys .. Unfortunately reblogging does not allow editting so I can’t put them , and my feeling it took some of the meaningful pauses, gasps and ahhs … Nevertheless you , the poem and Tahani are beautiful dots I collected in the last several weeks …

  3. Ahhh – though not knowing Arabic – and having just read it in English, I was still very moved by Tahani’s piece. I am sure you did a phenomenal job — though do understant those “soft tools” — I am a major lover of the “dots: and other punctuation in my conversational writing emails/narratives — and have tried not to overdo in my poetic verses…. but am always tempted. I’m pretty animated in personal communication, maybe you too…? …and perhaps this is our way of incorporating those ahhs and pauses and gasps etc. into our written communication 😉 Tahani’s work was fantastic nevertheless! xo

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