Behind my mirror ..


Behind this mirror

in my room, is your hiding place

I know,

when I look to my eyes

I am really seeing you ..


I know the names of your tears

coz I shed them with you

and I know when you

are laughing and smiling

coz my lips are brimful too


Do you feel me

I am just few inches or nearer

Believe me I feel your warmth

in me when I yearn and

touch the coldness of this mirror



I know you hear me

when I talk to you .. all the time ..

and when I miss your voice

I put my ear and heed

and I can hear you .. talk and rhyme ..


And I can always write to you

When all I have to do

is fog the mirror

and draw a heart

that I can see you .. through ..


and I know .. down deep in my sole

– and my mirror knows it too-

that you love me

Coz I love you

a million times more ..



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  1. This ought to be lyrics of a love song that rocks the world.. flowing as sweet and as easy as a beautiful river.. I bet you didn’t change a word as it came out in one go… A masterpiece … Your best ever !

    • I will give you a big chunk of the revenue of the million CD this will make … And you are perfectly right .. Just few words here and there but 95 percent straight and raw on my ipad … Thank you dear ..

  2. This is quite beautiful Tarek…. I think you are remembering the real you … and that makes my heart happy. The image is perfect — the soul work is touching… Thanks for sharing this– I a’m inspired…

    “and I know deep in my sole and my mirror knows it too that you love me coz I love you a million times more”

    ~ I just love the entire poem… Sending you warm thoughts and hugs ~ keep consulting your mirror and writing my friend! ~RL

    • Your perspectives is interesting … But I will keep the magic and mystery … Your Intercontinental Ballistic Hugs (ICBH) are well percieved and a retaliation is launched ..

      • Ahhh– so I may have totally made up my own story (based on what I want for you).. that too is magic and mystery — and luanchng back some more good energy to Egypt tonight for you ~ and more ICBH too… 🙂 RL

  3. A heart whispering moment can worth a lifetime, envision a “what if scenario ! “.

    • My dear anonymous … Behind every choice there is a “what if ” .. and behind my mirror a country called ” Whatifania” .. Thank you for the thought .. Could be my next poem …

  4. You have a wonderful and creative pen and blog, I am really amazed with your writings, best wishes.

  5. Tarek…image and words so touching…love of self is at the core of all….wise yet sad….feels like you are going through the pain that growth entails…strange how that inspires such creative power…Meryl

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