Exit through the revolving door …



with wispy click

somewhere between an in and exhale

and I reckon you suppose ..

This time ..again.. that you can still

rewind and cope


I wish I had your keys of




or Reset


But I am just a jailbird of the pause

Red suit , a number , a cell

a squeaky door

a tiny window

and a sign of

Exit  …….. well lit


But who sees ?

Or believes

What the sign



So once more

Predictably like a revolving door ..

The useless limbs and the careless dreams

pile in the dismal corner

Of defeat..

Waiting for a call

– I detest –

to rest ..






Posted on September 5, 2012, in Photography, Poems and tagged , , , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Aren’t we all that jailbird… imprisoned in a present that is not ours, and wish if we go back to a past never meant to be ours… idiotically thinking we can replay our life on another screen..! Exit signs used to bug me.. now I know why 🙂
    Thank you for the mood you poured on my day.. This was so delicate..

  2. … And we think at one point of naivety , that we are unique in this desire to rewrite life … See how frequent each one of us use these keyboard keys and imagine how our lives would be with these wispy little keys slaves to our fingers … I am glad you felt these words , i sometimes wonder how can anybody comperhend what my confused self tells me … Thank you dear …

  3. Yes — it is a fantasy I think we call have — if we could do it again – press the delete button – rewind the tape and begin again. This was a deep and thought-provoking piece Tarek, on many levels. Thank you dear one xo… ~RL

  4. Sometimes life gives us a second chance .. A rre redo gesture of generosity .. But how many of these you get in a lif time … and who else and what else is affected … I agree .. its a fantasy and may be a miracle .. and I am still a believer in miracles … Thank you Robyn and missed your posts …

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