Cinderella man ..

I have just watched ” Cinderella man” and ..

It has been sitting in my library for sometime waiting for me to watch. Knowing that its a boxers biography made it at the end of my list of movies to watch. I need a certain mood to watch a bloody nose and a flying tooth in slow motion. The night came , and I did … .. The twist of the tale is the struggle between despair, depression, defiance and the relation of the husband and wife ..and for me this is the movie … The wife … … and for her (and from her) I phrased these lines…

Two more teeth,

in my shaken hand

smeared with his blood and my tears

with a weary mind , I guess

how many he still wears ?

and I mutely scream

livid anger and pain

because  he wont smile for me … to see

and there is no comfort in tears

for his shattered jaw or

my fears


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  1. This movie I have not seen (for the same reasons you state in your opening;) ). I so loved the fairytale Cinderella – and now after your post, maybe should consider…. Very impressed with the ease and flow of your poetic expression Tarek ~ beautiful.

    • This movie is a celebration of womenhood , the back-bone of every family .. The boxer wins and get defeated .. But she remains always triamphant .. Thank you dear … Higly recommend it …

  2. So FINALLY Tarek – I get to watch this movie this past weekend…. Yes – it was amazing – but WAY TOO MUCH fighting for my gentle soul to bear! 🙂 I adored the love story however —- the powerful force created by a woman’s passionate love of her family. Ok …ok… glad I saw it — but too much blood and punching – really!! LOL! Thank you for recommending dear friend ~

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