Cairo, the city of light and shade

Islamic Cairo

Quanta laden light gust

thousands light years ahead ..

From the creative core of the infinite sole

Waves beyond waves of lavish lust .


Glorious brush in the delicate grip

religiously tracing a carved frame

and gently weaving a Cairene grace

of light, highlight, and a sepian shade.


At noon .. all noons, a faintly glow

Grows to a silky throw ,

and warm vibrant strokes

at sunset …wears spicy tangy hues .


Cairo, the city of light and shade

Painted, permeated, bathed

From birth to dark to dawn, a fairy tale

of the  century old.. love affair…





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  1. this is … WOW .. sooo elegant and sincere and everything
    just wanted to ask how u took such a photo???? .. i guess u were lying on the floor or upside down .. or what…anyhow .. this is a real creation

  2. Amazingly beautiful and delicate. Love your word and lens play!

  3. “Cairo, the city of light and shade”
    Wow – Tarek – this photo is just superb — and your words make one want to run away from wherever they are and head to Cairo ~ Fairy Tales and Love what could be better? There is so much texture in both the image and your poetic expression. Lovely post friend – completely enjoyed it all ~ 🙂 RL

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