Aswan - Nubian village

Colourful outdoors

This an translation of an arabic poem I wrote celebrating the enchanting Nubia ..

شوف السما الزرقا علي الحيطان….

ودهب الصحرا ملبوس في السنان….

والغلب والضنك احمر في كل مكان…

   بس القلوب بيضة ما تغيرت

هوا هوا المكان….

هوا هوا الزمان…

احلي ما فيكي يا مصر..

هوا هوا ..الانسان…

Walls are painted sky

A tooth crowned golden desert

Red is everywhere .. hardship and blight

But hearts remain immortally

ancient white

The land is immutable

The time is eternal

Egypt’s sweetest spot

Is still .. Human


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  1. Tarek… Lovely poem. Does look like an eternally beautiful spot! 🙂

  2. Oh an photo is wonderful too…just realized you shot it!!

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