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The ants and my half cashew ..

Ants I know are tiny and creepy

Yesterday,they invaded my life

Crawling next, over and under me

And this is a true horror story


I woke up on what felt

Iike noise .. but it was not..

I couldnt see until next to it I knelt

And here it was my poor half nut …


Ants are munching my half cashew

Fifty of these bustards or so

Flocks of hairy bare feet came through

Some walking and some  even flew


I am not so clear,

What triggered the lunacy in me

Frenzy outburst and I could hear

Screams and shouts of a deadly spree


Poor ants squashed by my giant feet

Frantically chasing them like my enemies

I must have crushed some black heads

Gutted some, and some managed to flee


Next morning ..


I looked down to where I left the scene

Unease swept me of my feet

fathers, mothers and aunts of ants ,

I must have flushed also a queen..


Flushed away dismembered ants and half cashew ,

I could see, with no more ants on nuts to chew,

So triumphant and full of glee ..

the only debris left was me …



The Melanchony of destiny ..

Why is destiny so mixed up and melancholic  ? !!
Why does it drop cards every time a shuffle is due ? !!
And why is the shuffle anyway ? !! …

Have you lost a card or two ? Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

Angry, I can’t tell for sure
Is it the driver, the seat or the road ?
Is it the signs that are never right?

Blaming all , but you .?  Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am going nowhere except here..
Here is never reaching there!!
And there is even more  distant and vague..

There was meant to share .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I see the map and it is easy..
Was it the map ?  …
All the time … Was it the map ? …

Why do you set me a trap? .. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

The speed is certainly an issue…
The roller coaster is aimlessly going to no where
Yet the excitement is all over the place

And for that, you have to pay, dear.. Do you feel the loss like me ? ..

I am dazed and drained…
And I hate the play of the giddy mind , the mirage
The sickness that come from standing .. Alone

And they call it motion sickness.. Do you feel the loss like me ?


Ceilings from Marrakish










Doors from Marrakesh



Ramadan Kareem






Rainbow bruise

Rainbow bruise

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يوم حر وحلو


In a blink of an eye …


He told me what could happen in a blink of an eye

Surprised, though I could understand why..

A question hanging with so thin thread

Should certainly snap , fall and all

I pulled a breath and gave a long warm sigh

Now I  could fathom and pull an answer

All the things .. In blink of an eye..

All the things .. In a blink of an eye..

A frog catching a fly ..

Lightening or alike of a hunch ..

can I lie ..

Falling in love .. Fall for the charm once and twice

or get dumped , again, once and twice maybe thrice

I can skip a heart beat or god forbid die…

In the same blink of an eye ..

i can punch you  and start a fight ..

From in fact .. No way …

Could anything really happen in a blink

 Seeded in the dark shadow of the mind

Like your well having a drill or exercise..

Put him infront , to the back ,then to the side

In a whim you can die or let undie

He fell  like a log with a dull thud

When I gave it to him … Hard

Surely thing  can happen in a blink of an eye..


Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan – Photos (The masterpiece)

The Minbar door

The furnishings of Cairo’s mosques, especially during the Mamluk period, were decorated with intricately constructed polygons and strapwork. Most often, the polygons were of wood, either carved or inlaid with ivory or colored woods. In this particular door (Wood (rosewood and mulberry)  it was made of copper / bronze . These doors exhibit a great variety of patterns, most of which are also found in other media, such as stone carvings, marble mosaics, and stucco window grilles. The accurate cutting required to make such patterned objects is remarkable, since every piece affects the whole.
Zoom in -please – see the missing piece and look how each piece was perfectly nailed in the wood to make the forms. Just recessing the door few inches adds to its beauty.