Death in the vicinity .. Professional death

Professional death 

Death was his Profession
He dipped them in the abyss
But made sure to pull them up to life
So gentle quiet and low key..anesthetist
Poison in one hand and antidote in the other…..

Nice and sweet..routine

In the custody of loneliness..
A spear was thrown may be thirty something years ago .. I don’t really know

Flashing lights, crushing heaves
Pounding and ringing.. pleas are in vain..
Agonising , crushing .. Life is fading ..
This is for real.. He knows what to do
Hundreds of times he did it for everyone drill or true ..but never to himself ..
Reaching for a phone , for a vein ..
For air ..
Could he CPR himself
Or did he roll in despair ..
Falling in the abyss.. so familiar
deep … and real…
Darkness prevail ..
I am gone..
the end is written and mission is done
The TV set is on ..

patients – still – been dipped and pulled
But for him , poor me , there was no one to attend ..

God bless your soul my friend
I wish I knew you a bit more ..


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