Rainbow bruise

Rainbow bruise

There was a time when life was right
Simple , pure and the sky was blue
When music was Abba and Bee Gees
Dirt roads would kiss my shiny shoes
Leaving them dusty, angry and used…

Waiting in metro stations
Notebook , plain Bic blue pen
Stealthy smiles in a crowded cruise
Drifting to private constellation
Stars of love and rainbow bruise

Fava beans dressed in dirty oil
Swimming across a rusty plate
Incredibly tasty from the dirtiest hands
Of the filthiest chef of a sooty cart,
the taste of youth he infused …

Big things were just right … Small
things … were simply not in use
Old folks , I thought , had all the clues
Why now – midway – as I am .. more ..
puzzled muddled and bemused ?!

Forgive me past.. For I did not know
How wise I was before I grew
Seasoned ,cultured, and sophisticated
Forgive me present .. For I confess
I have no faith – no more – in you

I am Back to my rainbow bruise ..



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  1. what can i say ??!!! … have no more hats to put up ya Tarek .. i saw this before but was not able to read it to the end.. keep searching for it now.. it is tohfa tohfa tohfa … you made your way to make me feel living those precious days again .. you paint by words as you paint by photography … thumbs up >haaaayla

  2. Thank you Amany .. This is one of my favourites, but what would you do when all of a sudden the past is suddenly alive infront of you .. and suddenly you have a measuring scale … and you discover how real and full it was and how empty is the busy life we have now .. Vain is the word .. as you said it before … Its the mid life crisis .. Or more truely .. Mid life wisdom .. Revelation … Again I love his one .. Its totally alive in me and thats why it did need very little elaboration and editing … Its a milestone … I felt it opened m clogged fluency pipeline .. Thank you for finding the time to revisit it and comment …

  3. Didnt see this reply before… i dont know what do u mean by (all of a sudden) ? … as there were times we enjoyed things, it must come a time when it s our turn to bring joy to others … still there is much in our lives to do and enjoy >> Farah and Layaly are more than enough ..
    as for this beautiful poem .. i think it could be elaborated, plus شوية اخراج, and re-post … u write in english as good as in arabic .. have fun

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