Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan – Photos (1)

It would be cliche to tell Sultan Hassan’s story by my photos. These are in fact my story with the place. Each photo tells me a little secret that I intend to keep to myself and you just have to live with a tiny fraction in the caption..

The place has its wonders in every spot.  Look up, down, sideways, peek in dark corners and just look anywhere and see if you can catch a story in your photos other than the wonders of the handicraft. It doesn’t take a genius to get good photos here, but it takes love for the photos to wake up the heart and the senses …

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

This is the Sahn, The Central courtyard between the four Iwans. If you sit in one of the Iwans, you will enjoy the shade and you won’t stop looking up to the sky with these Qandeels (light Lanterns) dangling from what seems to be the sky ..

The Iwan

The eye of the sky …

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