Nothing is ever really lost .. The Notebook

These are Poetic and almost poetic extracts from the novel “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks ..

In this summer mode , I just had to share these pages ….

In the middle of the novel…

The loyal husband and lover perform a love ritual with his Alzheimer imprisoned beloved wife …

Everyday, for years, he would tell her a story, The story, their story …

Everyday, for years, she would not remember it or him ..

A new story -for her- everyday, for years..

The Notebook

He then fondly reasserts her identity and her contribution to this world that she is almost totally detached from .. except for him …

The Notebook

Then … you savor this poem and think of someone or something you lost … and have faith …

The notebook

Do your heart a favor … read the story … hear the wonderfully narrated audiobook .. or at least see the movie “The Notebook”..

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