The man in a wall .. and out ..

My fellow blogger Andy wrote an interesting post about “Personality and emotion in a picture frame” .. and I thought this photo shows my point..

I was on a double decker bus when I got a glimpse of this Mural and I had to run across the speeding  bus to take the photo … No doubt the mural is beautiful and you can spend some good time reading into these walls .. but what  I believe what my photographic subconscious mind saw was something different… I think the guy sitting in the street below the building was the “focus” of my playful mind… Is he the man in the mural ?… Unfortunately my hasty hands, unplayful conscious mind and the speeding bus all conspired to chop the “focus “ man .. and I lost a great photo… and that’s how my subconscious mind plays with me..

Posted on March 23, 2012, in Black & white, Cityscape, Photography, Places, Portraits, San Francisco and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love this photograph…… I wonder what the guy sitting in the street is thinking…… is it really him on the wall and he is reminiscing? How great that you captured this while on a bus…. LOVE IT!

    • I actually dropped in the next bus stop, walked back taking just 15 minutes… But he was gone .. I though “am i imagining things ?”… Looked at my camera, he was there…i lost him but i am still sane … Thank you for your comment

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