The Crusader castle and the Blue mosque of Byblos,Lebanon

This photo was taken in Byblos . A small seaside village which is the oldest inhabitant part of Lebanon. A walk through the village is an extraordinary experience…  you walk on ancient grounds carrying a 5000 years history… the buildings are traditional Lebanese houses with the bright orange rooftops..  cobblestone streets .. a crusader castle , medieval wall , traditional souk, Wax museum, fish restaurants, an old port ,a church and a blue domed mosque..

I like the the framed composition of this photo.. even though its a classic predictable composition you can not ignore it when you set foot at this spot .. It felt as if some one has deliberately made the scene.. Perfect arched frame … just enough light came through to highlight the glazed cobblestones and separate its hard surface from the ancient wooden doorstep … you can almost feel the door but you can`t really see it which gives the openness beyound a feel of celebrated freedom … and what a freedom it is .. the scene ‘ beyond ‘ is really in a different world.. your eyes wonders from the dark limestone crusader castle passing through 900 years to a colourful background… Blue, orange and green … would you consciously choose such a combination for a background .. I wouldn’t …thank god … because I can now feel the joy of surprise.. 

 I just couldn’t resist to add more colour saturation ( lightroom 3) to these hues just to match up with my inner feeling of delight .. one more thing … can you see the tree on the left side and how it leans to strengthen the arched frame .. I told you its a set scene .. Thank you who ever made it .. just for me …

(you can see the before and after photos here ) ..

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  1. Great foreground framing with the arched window opening up to the pretty scene. I like the details in the stonework on the window sill.

    • Thanks you Petalpusher .. I agree ..I was taken by the foreground more than the colourful backdrop .. there is something calming in the subtle little light reflections on the stones ..

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