The Mass-man revolt (2)

I continue reading in this amazing script from 1932 for the Spanish Political Philosopher….

In my previous post  ” The mass-man revolt (1)”  I quoted how the revolt is made by the ordinary masses and not the elite..

Now he describes a state of ”Hyperdemocracy” where the masses take in their hand to force the law and formulate the new democracy from Cafes (well.. I can add now, Mosques,churches and facebook)… The elite intellectuals can form their parties, newspapers, satellite channels , but the reality is that they are not in control…..

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  1. The question that arises here is why in spite of conditions that stimulate the revolution through several generations continue, but a certain generation will carried it out.

    Is this has a relation to education level or to social circumstances that formulate the mentality of that particular generation?

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