The Mass-man revolt (1)

It is the painful moment which cuts through my day and I can not just turn away any more or hold the scream any longer. Today the masses are eating the masses….

Weeks ago I was taken aback  by the result of our vote on the Amendment of the constitution in Egypt. The result was shocking ..seconds later understandable…. clear and obvious like midday sun…

I left my seat at the front raw of facebook and On TV to the back seat , trying to grasp the line and guess what is next (while I eat my popcorn)…

the discussions around me turned into an irritating cloud of buzz… the events and scenes were just as ugly as the stings off bees…. The word which kept sitting on my bold head was ‘The masses’  …

‘The masses’ …The beautiful dignified word lost its Holiness in 100 days….

The question is – and was – who leads the masses…. read this…

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  1. “the mass believes that it has the right to impose and to give force of law to notions born in the cafe!” – cant believe that this was written in 1930!.

    • I know…In 1930 at the time of great depression, hight of communism and mass radicalism.. cafe politics… you see we are 80 years behind….but at least we are moving…may be one stop forward and backward.. but at least moving…

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